DHS BIOMETRIC RALLY 2019: Materna IPS and MODI in the world`s top 3

In May 2019, Materna IPS and MODI Vision once again participated in the Department of Homeland (DHS) Security Science and Technologies (S&T) Biometrics Rally (https://mdtf.org/Rally2019) in the Washington region. This is the second year that DHS S&T have held this rally and the second time...

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Reduce queueing and improve efficiency

The facial recognition system by MODI increases the efficiency and security at the airport. Waiting times are reduced, there are no queues and long sidewalks are avoided. The biometric products can be integrated in existing infrastructures such as kiosks, bag drops and boarding gates. With the effective...

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The most reliable face recognition system

Experts expected a doubling of passenger traffic at airports with up to 7.8 billion people in 2036. The use of biometric data guarantees passengers faster and safer self service identity verification processes at airports. The facial recognition system by MODI increases the efficiency and security at...

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The fastest face recognition system

MODI is a manufacturer of biometric facial recognition and identification systems. The products like FaceBar, FaceScreen and FaceGate are so adjusted to the biometric software that a very fast and precise recognition can be accomplished. This allows a high passenger flow at airports or stadiums. Likewise,...

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Identity Week 2019 | PLANET BIOMETRICS

11. Juni–13. Juni IDENTITY WEEK comprises three world-class events – Digital:ID , Planet Biometrics and SDW – all focused on the concept of identity. The world-class event aims to help create a more secure world, where trusted identity solutions enable governments and commercial organisations to provide citizens, employees,...

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  • FaceScreen biometrische Gesichtsidentifikation
  • FaceScreen biometrische Gesichtsidentifikation
  • FaceScreen biometrische Gesichtsidentifikation

DHS Biometric Rally 2019

MODI Vision was again invited to participate in the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) biometric rally in Washington, DC.   Every year DHS encourages industrial companies to introduce their biometric products and innovations. Selected companies are invited to participate in this rally with the aim of...

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  • biometric-exhibition-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-Intersec-Dubai
  • biometric-exhibition-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-facial-recognition-Intersec-Dubai.jpg
  • biometric-exhibition-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-recognition-Intersec-Dubai
  • biometric-exhibition-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-facial-recognition-Intersec-modi-vision-Dubai
  • biometric-exhibition-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-modi-facial-recognition-Intersec-Dubai

Intersec Dubai 2019

Intersec is the leading trade show for safety and security worldwide and a successful communication platform for the protection and security industry. It takes place once a year in Dubai and offers visitors a unique range of products in the areas of commercial security, information...

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  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-4
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-6
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-5
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-7
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-3
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-2
  • biometric-exhibition-edex-egypt-modi-vision-facial-recognititon-face-identification-1

EDEX 2018

The EDEX (Egypt Defense Expo) is Egypt's leading trade show for military and armaments and attracts the attention of international strategic investors and multinational decision-makers. The fair was first launched in 2018 with the aim of promoting relationships between suppliers and industry stakeholders and keeping...

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The paperless biometric airport

The paperless airport is no longer a dream. MODI Vision's biometric solutions eliminate the need for ID cards or boarding passes, providing the safest way of personal identification and the benefit of quick and secure control clearance. Increase your throughput, reduce your costs, make your passengers...

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  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification11
  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification88
  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification66
  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification55
  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification33
  • biometric-exhibition-cairo-modi-vision-facial recognititon-face-identification22
  • ICT 2018
  • Cairo 2018
  • Biometric Booth ICT Cairo
  • MODI Vision booth ICT 2018
  • Facial recognition ICT 2018
  • Face identification 2018
  • MODI Vision Cairo 2018
  • 2018 booth Cairo


Back to Cairo! After MODI Vision proved a very successful trade fair last year, we will once again join forces with our Falcon Group partner at the ICT Cairo 2018 to present our biometric solutions. Here visitors have the opportunity to experience the biometric future. The application...

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