MODI products for biometric facial recognition are used everywhere where a personal, individual request or query must be made. In stadiums as a control and security system, in companies as working time recording, in hospitals or offices as a registration option. The application areas are numerous and always individually tailored to the needs of our customers.



FaceEye camera technology is the heart of all MODI biometric camera units. People with a size between 0.7 m and 2.2 m can be easily captured even at a camera distance of only 0.5 m, without moving or panning the camera.


FaceTube combines MODI’s outstanding camera technology with digital inputs and outputs as well as a Wiegand interface for direct opening of gates. It is perfectly developed for biometric access to all entrance areas thanks to its slim design.

FaceBar Mini

FaceBar Mini was specially developed for kiosks. The extremely compact housing accommodates the camera, digital inputs/outputs, Wiegand interface and three RGB LEDs. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically. This makes the system an all-rounder in addition to the kiosk application.

FaceScreen V2

FaceScreen V2. In addition to all the elements of the FaceBar mini, FaceScreen V2 also contains a 10.1″ touchscreen. Thus, a direct interaction with the user can take place. The compact design in combination with the 10.1″ screen is perfect for gate use.

Smart FaceScreen V2

Smart FaceScreen V2 contains also the Biocontrol Client in the housing. This variant is therefore ideal for mobile use. It can therefore be placed anywhere and completely independently in the shortest possible time. (e.g. at the check-in counter)

FaceBridge V2

FaceBridge V2, with a 22″ screen, integrated FaceBar and integrated Biocontrol Client, is usually attached to gates or passageways. However, the FaceBridge can also function as an information board or guidance system and thus replace signs, posters and display boards.

BioControl Client

The BioControl Client serves as a communication unit between the camera unit and the matching server. Incoming information is processed here and forwarded to the corresponding unit for processing.

Database & Matching Server

The Database & Matching Server is the archive in which all data is fed and stored. This can be completely self-sufficient, placed in a secure environment.