FaceBar by MODI


The camera unit for biometric facial recognition


The FaceBar OEM from MODI is a camera unit that can be easily integrated into existing gates or terminals. It is used to identify people and enables their recognition even in dark conditions and backlighting.


FaceBar Camera for face identification

Reliable even in poor conditions

The cameras specially developed for biometric person detection within this unit make a delusion pointless. The interplay between the color camera, infrared camera, daytime and night-time LEDs makes it possible to record the best possible picture of a person even in unfavorable conditions such as backlight or darkness.

The proactive, automatic settings of the unit, e.g. the automatic camera alignment (Camera Tilting Unit) to capture both tall and wheelchair users, the additional lighting integrated into the camera unit such as LED and infrared sensors, which are used depending on the ambient lighting, allows the perfect person identification.

Fast and immediate identification

The MODI products have been specially developed for immediate person control. Unlike CCTV cameras, which monitor a specific area to evaluate as many people as possible at the same time, MODI specializes in detecting nearby people and ensures accurate and rapid identification through biometric face balancing.

FaceBar Camera for face identification

Maximum passenger walkthrough

In contrast to other identification systems, such as fingerprint sensors or card readers, whose speed always depends on the persons, the biometric procedure can be passed on without previous knowledge. Thus, the MODI system saves a maximum of time and guarantees a smooth passenger passage, rather than relying on the correct placement of the finger or on a quick ID Card handling of the passenger.


FRT 5204 18 001 002



Coated plastic and aluminum housing,
color freely selectable

450 g


Operating temperatur:
0°C to 45° C (32°F to 113°F)

Humidity range during operation:
0-80% not condensing

Storage temperature:
0°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)

Humidity during storage:
0-80% not condensing.
Protection: IP 0


Digital Out:
2 x Relay Out max 30 A

Digital Out:
2 x Open Collector NPN max 30 V

Digital In:
4 x Opto Isolation 12V – 30V


24VDC +/- 10% 10 A (for the lighting) 5V via USB
1x USB 2. 1x USB 3


CE, ICAO, NIEM compliant


2x Infrared camera:
0,3 MP (640 P x 480 P), 100 fps

1x Color camera:
2 MP (1.920 P x 1.080 P), 30 fps and motorized


2 x 4 LED x 850nm

2 x 4 LED


+/- 30°

0.06 sec per 15°

+/- 2°

Facial recognition on the move

After capturing the person, the image is sent to the Database & Matching Server via the BioControl Client located in the gate, where the biometric data is compared. This match works without the person having to hold in front of the FaceBar. The recording takes place immediately, directly, “on-the-move”.

FaceBar Camera for face identification