FaceScreen by MODI

The FaceScreen is a stationary unit for biometric facial recognition.

Behind the face screen hides a combination of the different MODI products that are perfectly matched. The combination of FaceBar, BioControl Client and MODI biometric facial recognition software make this product a safe and fast biometric solution.

Increased efficiency for airports

With the expected double in passenger volume of up to 7.8 billion in 2036, MODI is facing the challenge of providing the solution through biometric technology. The use of biometric data guarantees passengers faster and safer self-service identity verification processes at airports.

With biometric matching, the efficiency of the airports increases with higher safety tests. Waiting times are reduced, there are no queues and long sidewalks are avoided.

In existing infrastructures such as kiosks, bag drops and automatic boarding gates, the biometric products can be integrated. By using the single-token identity management, the passenger has no longer to show the ticket and passport. He can pass through his face, in passing, without stopping.

FaceScreen biometrische Gesichtsidentifikation
Sicherheitsgate mit FaceScreen und Passport Reader zur biometrischen Überprüfung


The FaceScreen combines a variety of MODI products. Thus, the stationary unit not only consists of FaceBar and the BioControl Client, but also integrates an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement and a touchscreen for interaction.

The ultrasonic sensor is used for distance control. So it is not possible that one person is matched and another person enters the gate. In general, the interaction between software and hardware is so sophisticated that any attempt to deceive is impossible.

The unit can be used to match the personal identity, as an interactive service point, or as a registration unit for airports, hotels, banks or stadiums. All application examples ensure that personal data is always output to the right recipient.

Paperless airport and ABC Gates

With the elimination of ID cards and tickets, an airport becomes paperless. MODI’s vision of a paperless airport is no longer a future. Almost all airports in the world see the solution in terms of capacity expansion due to increasing passenger numbers in biometric face identification.

The further advantage of biometric facial recognition at entrance controls is, of course, safety. The MODI software allows to interact with many interfaces for a seamless and global person control. In this way, danger can be quickly and efficiently withdrawn from circulation.



FRT 5204 18 001 002


Coated plastic and aluminum housing,
color freely selectable

450 g


Operating temperatur:
0°C to 45° C (32°F to 113°F)

Humidity range during operation:
0-80% not condensing

Storage temperature:
0°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)

Humidity during storage:
0-80% not condensing.
Protection: IP 0


Digital Out:
2 x Relay Out max 30 A

Digital Out:
2 x Open Collector NPN max 30 V

Digital In:
4 x Opto Isolation 12V – 30V


24VDC +/- 10% 10 A (for the lighting) 5V via USB
1x USB 2. 1x USB 3


CE, ICAO, NIEM compliant


2x Infrared camera:
0,3 MP (640 P x 480 P), 100 fps

1x Color camera:
2 MP (1.920 P x 1.080 P), 30 fps and motorized


2cm – 4m

Bis zu 3mm

Working Frequency:


2 x 4 LED x 850nm

2 x 4 LED


+/- 30°

0.06 sec per 15°

+/- 2°

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