MODI at Passenger Terminal 2024 in Frankfurt

MODI has been pioneering the “Paperless Airport” project for many years, turning solutions into reality. At the Passenger Terminal 2024 in Frankfurt, MODI will showcase comprehensive biometric solutions essential for airports and ports for the first time. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to test the company’s smart solutions live and experience the benefits of speed and security. Biometric facial recognition “on the move” has been a reality at MODI for years, emphasizing the significant time savings provided by their products.

Especially in today’s era of “mass processing,” secure, intelligent, and above all, speedy processing and screening of passengers are crucial and essential. MODI will present various solutions at the fair, including “Border Control with a new Immigration Gate,” “Entry-Exit Access Controls for various areas,” “Entrance Controls for secured areas,” “Boarding Gate,” and “Document Verification directly linked with facial recognition.”

The concept of the “Paperless Airport” can be fully demonstrated at the booth. The expert team from MODI will be on-site to open new dimensions for passengers, airports, airlines, and federal police.

The MODI Paperless Airport is built up on booth A51.