MODI with problem solutions for airlines and airports at Passenger & Terminal in Amsterdam from 14-16 March 2023

Pressrelease 16.02.2023:

MODI with problem solutions for airlines and airports at Passenger & Terminal in Amsterdam from 14-16 March 2023.
The current situation at the airports puts it clearly and succinctly: numerous processes such as check-in, security checks and boarding are increasingly afflicted with problems that impair a speedy flow. Too few staff, control systems that work too slowly in some cases, error rates in control processes that then also cause delays, etc. The mood of the passengers has become more and more critical at least since the beginning of the year. The mood of passengers has been at rock bottom since last summer at the latest, and airports, airlines and security authorities are desperately looking for solutions to improve this needle eye.

MODI has been working on the “airport of the future” or “paperless airport” for many years and CEO Dieter Klawunder was one of the first in the industry to cause a stir with this topic at international conferences. At that time still smiled at as future tones, his theses are now already being heard in all areas of the aviation industry. Biometric facial recognition plays a major role in this and MODI has already launched numerous systems on the market that have successfully ensured a good flow and a safe and simple control process at many stress points.

MODI, the maker of secure and smooth control systems, has adapted its systems and software accordingly in recent years due to the enormous pressure in the industry and the increasing number of passengers as well as new security requirements. So it is obvious that MODI, as a well-known manufacturer of biometric access and control solutions, will also be at the start of the Passenger and Terminal Exhibition in Amsterdam with a new generation of biometric identification solutions.

The fact is that the systems have become even smarter, smaller, faster and simpler. The security standard has remained the same and is in the highest range, because MODI has already been known for years in the top level of security and accuracy tests of their products. For example, MODI was able to use the Biometric Technology Rally in the USA several times in a row to convince the American security authorities, who each time ranked MODI products among the best three systems worldwide.

In Amsterdam, MODI has the product range for identification at the start and presents extremely fast identification procedures “on the move”. Stopping for a facial check is no longer necessary and the person is actually checked as he or she passes by. There are no more traffic jams and queues. MODI’s solutions for this are extremely lucrative and simple for airlines and airports, because integration into existing infrastructure (kiosks, admission gates, boarding gates, etc) is possible or planned. The smart solution offers full flexibility.

From the Faceeye, Facetube, Facebar Mini, Facescreen to the Facebridge, the latest generation of products are also at the start in Amsterdam. So far, all airline managers, security authorities and airport employees have been amazed by the enormous speed and the precise accuracy and the high security standard.

At the MODI stand at this year’s Passenger & Terminal in Amsterdam, there will be a number of highlights on the subject of “Identification on the move”, which are definite problem solvers in several areas of the aviation industry.

Take a look at one of our next press releases for some specific information on the exhibition highlights. Our stand at Passenger & Terminal: No. 1581
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About MODI
MODI Vision has been a leader in providing biometric systems and identity verification methods for commercial and government applications around the world for many years. Using unique, patented camera technology, which is the most innovative technology available today in terms of speed, resolution and image quality, MODI Vision has developed “on-the-move” facial recognition. The efficiency of check-in processes is accelerated and security is increased. Walking distances are optimised and queues reduced. The MODI Verification and Identification System adjusts the position of the camera to the height of the passenger, captures and recognises the person’s face and matches it with people from the database for verification. The FaceBar, FaceScreen and FaceBridge are designed to integrate with new or legacy systems. The upgrade solution can be easily integrated into existing systems. Check-in terminals, baggage drop terminals, security gates or securing high security zones are areas where MODI technology is already used today. The registration process can be carried out via the MODI Vision software for fast and secure user registration. The technology is currently in use in more than 20 countries worldwide. The principle of biometric facial recognition and biometric access control will become more and more popular as this principle is the most secure way of personal identification and has the advantage of fast, secure and reliable control clearance. MODI GmbH has been a specialist for identification solutions for more than 20 years and is based in Oberbergisch.