New MODI Systems at PTE: Faster and safer controls at the airport – problem solvers for the future!

Just in time for the PTE Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, MODI presents the latest system generation for biometric facial recognition. The term “On The MOVE” plays a major role here, because the topic of speed at full performance and security is currently playing a particularly important role due to the current situation at airports. Biometric facial control in passing and while moving…MODI developed this 10 years ago, coined it and brought it to perfection over the years. Now the latest generation of devices is already capable of actually displaying the control “On The Move” and with outstanding results.

Another plus point of the MODI product series is the camera technology, because none of the cameras used have to be moved mechanically to the corresponding checkpoint. The size of the person is not decisive. This also saves a lot of time and eliminates error rates.

All products of the MODI series together form the basis for the “Paperless Airport” or the “Airport of the Future”, which MODI has already represented for 8 years. Here, the passenger can move around in all areas of the airport that are accessible to passengers exclusively by recognising his or her face.

  • Freely scalable up to a camera resolution of 13 megapixels
  • Selectable distance of persons to the HUB between 0.3 m – 3.0 m
  • Person size 0.7 m – 2.2 m (even with a distance to the HUB of only 0.5 m)
  • Integrated distance and position measurement of the person to the camera
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Enormous light technology (even in the worst lighting conditions
  • Configurable 1:1 and 1:n detection
  • Highest security of face recognition with FAR 0.000001% and FRR 0.1% under real conditions On The Move by using three different algorithms.
  • Speed of recognition: Approx. 10 persons within 3 seconds in a run
  • Algorithm has been in the top 5 in NIST rankings for years
  • Optional configurable liveness detection
  • Configurable filters for image quality
  • Prepared for Digital Identity
  • The following MODI biometrics systems are already equipped with the BioHub: FaceEye, FaceBar mini, FaceTube, Facescreen V2, Smart FaceScreen V2, FaceDualScreen, FaceTotem.

MODI will present all systems at the upcoming trade fair.

Current tests and also the Biometric Rally in the USA confirm the enormous speed and outstanding results, which allow the new systems to be used in the USA without any human assistance and control, which is unique.

About MODI

MODI Vision has been a leader in providing biometric systems and identity verification methods for commercial and government applications around the world for many years. Using unique, patented camera technology, which is the most innovative technology available today in terms of speed, resolution and image quality, MODI Vision has developed “on-the-move” facial recognition. The efficiency of check-in processes is accelerated and security is increased. Walking distances are optimised and queues reduced. The MODI Verification and Identification System adjusts the position of the camera to the height of the passenger, captures and recognises the person’s face and matches it with people from the database for verification. The FaceBar, FaceScreen and FaceBridge are designed to integrate with new or legacy systems. The upgrade solution can be easily integrated into existing systems. Check-in terminals, baggage drop terminals, security gates or securing high security zones are areas where MODI technology is already used today. The registration process can be carried out via the MODI Vision software for fast and secure user registration. The technology is currently in use in more than 20 countries worldwide. The principle of biometric facial recognition and biometric access control will become more and more popular as this principle is the most secure way of personal identification and has the advantage of fast, secure and reliable control clearance. MODI GmbH has been a specialist for identification solutions for more than 20 years and is based in Oberberg.

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